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Iowa PTA


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Phone: (319) 573-0049

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For Leaders

Good leadership is the key to the survival of a unit. Good leadership creates a climate of support and mutual respect among the members of the local unit. Good leadership discovers and makes use of the special talents and abilities of its members.

Good PTA leaders channel information from the Iowa and National PTA to local unit members. They help members reach the goals of the unit and keep the unit focused on the PTA Mission and Purpose. Good PTA leaders conduct productive meetings, familiarize themselves with PTA policies and procedures, and participate in leadership training opportunities throughout the year. They delegate responsibility and mentor future leaders for the unit.

Good leaders are not born. They grow and develop their skills each and every day!

Much more information about running a PTA can be found on the National PTA website at: http://pta.org/running_a_pta.asp


Summer Leadership Training

Dear Leader,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! It's amazing how quickly the summer seems to pass, is it not? It's that time of year to begin our foundational work for the coming year...to aid you in preparing for your important role we would like to invite you, PTA Leader, to join us for a foundational leadership workshop. It is our hope that the workshop will provide you information and resources to move into your year of leadership with confidence!

PTA is working hard to make every child’s potential a reality and we are excited and looking forward to welcoming you at the 2017 Leadership Workshop. You are not alone, your Unit is not alone...Iowa State PTA is only a phone call, email or text away-ready to provide support to ensure a successful advocacy.

Your active participation in PTA has the potential to provide a positive impact in the lives of countless children. Everything you do matters and we truly appreciate the choice you have made to join PTA and be an advocate for all children.

Joining us in our vision of making every child’s potential a reality. Together, we effect change … for every child, with one voice.
See you soon!